Carboxymlethyl Hydroxylethyl Celluose ( CMHEC )


CMHEC is a good mud slurry treatment reagent for well drilling and can be used as material for well completion liquid. It has high rate of slurry making and excellent properties in increasing viscosity and high temperature tolerance. It is suitable for making fresh water, seawater and saturated brine well completion liquid with different densities, while maintaining lower fluid loss.

When compared with Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC), CMHEC gives better performance in handling saturated brine mud slurry and has higher calcium resistance in seawater mud slurry. It also has better viscosity building capability and lower fluid loss in making well completion fluid when comparing with regular Hydroxylethyl cellulose.

white powder, odorless
Chloride conten
< 3%
Viscosity (2% solution)
> 1,000 mPa.S
Carboxymlethyl Degree of Substitution (DS)
> 0.9
Hydroxylethyl Degree of Substitution (MS)
> 0.12
6.0 - 8.5
Water content
< 10%
Heavy metal ( in Pb )
< 0.002 %
< 0.03 %
< 0.0002 %

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