General Information
CT2-10 is water-soluble and film forming corrosion inhibitor which can inhibit corrosion of injection water system and is compatible with various kinds of additives.

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance : yellow liquid
Density (20)g/ml : 0.997
Solidification point : -4.5
Solubility : soluble in water SY5237-91
Chemical Description

Mixture of organic compounds and solvent.

Suggested Treating Methods and Rates
CT2-10 injection quantity is 15-20mg/L water treated.

CT2-10 is packaged in 200-litre iron barrels or 50-litre plastic barrels as required by the customers.

Storage and Handling

CT2-10 should be stored at dry and well-ventilated place away from fire and heat. The storage time should not exceed one year. Avoid contact with skin. eyes and mouth. In case of contact, wash immediately with water.




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