(Resin Series)

1.Product Composition:
  TA Type: Phenolic amine resin, epoxy compounds and solvent
  PFA Type: Phenolic amine resin, epoxy compounds and solvent
  Phenolic Aldehyde 3111
  AR Type: Phenolic aldehyde resin, epoxy compounds and solvent.

2.Quality Specification: Q/SH004.6.06-1997

Type Relative
Hydroxyl value
(dry agent)
(KOH mg/g)
(dry agent,
finished product)
(dry agent)0C
(finished product)%
pH Value
(1%H20 Solution)
(finished product)

Dewater Rate %

JLO-1020 0.90-1.00 <=45 <=300 15-25   5.0-7.0 >=90
TA5031 0.90-1.00 <=50 <=300   >=63    
PFA8311 0.95-1.05 <=45 <=300 >=12 >=63    
0.95-1.05 <=50   15-35 >=63    
JLO-1036 0.90-1.00 <=80   15-35 >=48    
AR46 0.90-1.00 <=80   15-35 >=48    
JLO-1038 0.90-1.00 <=110 <=350   >=48    

Appearance: yellow or brown-yellow viscous liquid.

3. Product Application:  This product is used for crude oil demulsifying and dehydrolyzing in the oil field.  It can also be used in oil refinery for flushing and electrodesalting additives. It also has the properties of pour point depression and viscosity reduction.

4. Package, Storage and Transport:  This product should be packed in the clean, dry and sealed galvanized iron drum, the net weight of which is 200kg. It excels in absorbing moisture and must be kept in a completely sealed container. It should be stored in the dry and well-ventilated warehouse, free from exposure under the sun, rain and fire. During transport, it should avoid any violent impact in order to prevent damage. It can still be used 1 year later qualification by examination.



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