he plant started with manufacture of diesel engines since 1920, then extended its production to natural gas engines, diesel and natural gas generating set, power converters etc. The plant has now become one of the major engine supplier in China, supplying quality equipment for the applications of oilfield drilling, railway and mine locomotives, fishing boat, power plant etc.



The plant is now very well equipped with advanced tooling and machining shops, heat treating facilities, R&D center, chemistry and physical testing center, metrology center, computing center with SGI working station. The plant has been ISO 9001 certified, and has been listed in the national stock exchange due to the good reputation of product quality and excellent financial capability.

The plant has been manufacturing and supplying the quality products to the domestic and overseas customers. In China more than 90% of the local made drilling rigs operated in oilfields are equipped with the power engines made by this plant, some of the engines and generating sets have also been exported to overseas customers in the countries of Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Guiana etc.





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