Series 190 Natural Gas Engines (12V)

Series 190 12V natural gas engine is a kind of turbocharged, strong power, fuel with natural gas power mechanism designed on the basis of Z12V190B diesel engine.

The natural gas engine has the following protective functions: explosion-protection safety, alarm and trip off for low-oil-pressure and overspeed. Its main technical performance and economic data have been up to the world standard of its range.

As the engineering mechanism power for power station, compressor, also for the oil and gas collecting and exporting installation and other kinds of area, the engine is the ideal power devices which can make good use of natural gas resources.

Main Technical Specifications

Number and layout of cylinders: V12.60°included angle
Type: Four strokes. Water cooled. Turbocharged and spark plug ignition, turbocharged air-aftercooled
Bore: 190mm
Stroke: 210mm
Total Displacement: 71.5L
Compression Ratio: 8:1
Direction of Rotation: Counter-clockwise (facing to the output end)
Natural gas pressure: 78-138kPa
Cooling Method: Forced water-cooled
Lubricating Method: Compress and splash lubrication




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