Natural Gas Generating Sets (400kW)
Natural Gas Generating Sets (400 - 500kW)


Natural Gas Generating Sets (400kW)

Gas inlet and exhaust valve of 400GF-TK Natural gas generating set is assembled with alloy valve seat to ensure the engine's reliability and long life. The generating set is equipped with complete protect system and synchronizing device, so it can not only operate alone but also operate parallel with others or power network. The set can be equipped with heat exchanger according to customers'need, and the engine can be cooled by the external cooling system through heat exchanger.

Main Specifications

Generating set
Rated Power
Rated voltage
Rated current
Rated frequency
Control mode Generator model Control panel model Mass
General Generating Set without Cooling Water System
400GF-TK 400 400/230 722 50 24/DC electric start Remote electreic start,hand control 1FC5 454-6TA42 PLT-400 11800

Main Electric Performance Index of the Generating Sets

Voltage Frequency
Stabilized Instantaneous regulation Recovery time Fluctuation Stabilized regulation Instantaneous regulation Recovery time Fluctuation
±2.5% +20% -15% 1.5S 0.5% 0˜15%adjustable ±10% 7S 0.5%
Voltage adjust range: Adjustable from 95-105% of rated voltage at no load




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