The table below presents general product descriptions of high-quality polymers manufactured in the People Republic of China using state-of the art equipment and manufacturing processes. All products, prior to shipment, are tested to ensure quality and performance standards by the manufacturer and qualified independent oilfield research laboratory. Attractive pricing along with assured quality and reliable supply makes the polyacrylamides economical alternatives for your current applications. Please contact us for detailed information and pricing about specific polymers or types.

1.Cationic polymers
Sludge dewatering, Waste water treatment,
Potable water coagulant, Pulp & paper,
Drilling waste clarification, Oil field agents
2.Anionic polymers
Waste water treatment, Potable water
treatment, Alcohol & starch production
recovery, Oil well water shutoff, Enhanced
oil recovery Pulp & paper
3.Nonionic polymers
Basic feedstock for modified polyacrylamides,
Textiles, Waste water treatment, Water shutoff
for civil construction projects
4.Amphoteric polymers
Sludge dewatering, Advanced oil well water
shutoff agent, Water treatment flocculant
5.Very-high molecular
weight EOR polymers
Enhanced oil recovery flooding
6.Profile modification &
water shutoff polymers
Near-well bore profile modification
Deep-into formation profile modification
7.Anti-channeling polymers
8.Pulp industry auxiliary
Retention aid, drainage aid, flocculant,
paper strength agent







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