Oilfield Chemicals

Drill Mud and Well Completion Additives
Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC) Fluid Loss Control
Carboxymethyl Hydroxylethyl Cellulose (CMHEC) Fliud Loss Control
Polyacrylamide [PAM] Viscosifier Polymer
Xanthan Gum Viscosifier Biopolymer
Chrome-Free Lignosulfonate Thinner
Chome Lignosulfonate Thinner
Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate Thinner
Sulfonated Asphalt
Shale Stabilizer

Production Chemicals
Corrosion Inhibitors For Gas and Oil Wells
Oil/Water Demulsifiers For Oil Wells
Polyacrylamide [PAM] Viscosifer for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Citric Acid, Anhydrous
Washing Agent for Casing & Tubing
Equipment & Tools

  Drill Bits
Drilling Tools
  Diesel & Natural Gas Engine
  Accessories of Mud Pumps
  Synthetic Diamonds




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