The xanthan manufacturing plant was established in 1992 with the products available for both industrial application (mainly oilfield) and food grade additives. Great effort has been made to meet the rapid growing demand in the market. After the recent completion of a multi-million dollar expansion, the plant has become the No. 1 largest xanthan producer in China with an estimated production capacity of 5000 metric tons per year.

To ensure the products of high quality is always the top priority in the plant, their own R & D Department has been very well organized, the state-of-the-art technology and equipment have been employed in the research and production stages. The plant has now been granted the ISO 9002 certificate and won a lot of the local prizes on the quality insurance.

The xanthan gum products made by the plant have been widely recognized and accepted by the customers both in China and outside China. The plant now enjoys over 80% market share for both industrial and food grade xanthan combined in China, the main customers such as CNPC and CNOOC to use xanthan gum for onshore/off shore drilling applications, the products also supplied to Unilever food and cosmetic plants in China. Both the industrial and food grade xanthan gum has also been exported to the overseas customers in the countries in Far East, Middle East, North America, and Europe.

With the excellent warehousing and distribution facilities, the plant is capable of providing satisfactory services to the overseas customers, and the quick delivery requirement can be easily achieved.



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