Oilfield Drilling Mud Additives



Dynazan polymer is dispersible grade xanthan gum in oildrilling application. It is a high molecular weight xanthan biopolymer used for rheology control in water based mud systems. It can be prevent fish-eye while application in mud system.


Appearance cream colored powder
Bulk density approx. 550-700kg/m3
Moisture max. 13%
pH(1% solution) 6.0------8.0
Particle size 100% pass 28 mesh Min.95% pass 42 mesh
Temperature stability 120------150dC / 248-----302dF
Solubility easily soluble in fresh / salt water
Yield point min 8 (1lb/bbl in seawater by FANN 35)


Dynazan polymer's primary function is to provide effective viscosity for solids transport and solids suspension with a sufficient dispersiblility. It will enable optimum rheology control through superior low shear rate viscosity which is highly shear thinning. Dynazan polymer will perform effectively in all types of water-based drilling fluids from low solids to highly weighted systems. This includes fresh water, salt and heavy brine systems. Being a dispersible product, Dynazan will be easier to mix in all brine solutions.


Dynazan polymer provides the rheological properties for improved hydraulics. This includes minimum friction pressures for additional hydraulic horsepower at the bit for maximum penetration rates. The same rheology promotes laminar flow in the annulus for increased bore hole stability with maximum solids transport capacity.


Dynazan polymer should be added quickly through the hopper at mediate shear without lumps and to minimize waste. It should be added at the rate of approximately six (6) pounds per minute (25 minutes for 150 lb sack). Higher salinity, cold water and low shear mixing will lengthen the time for full viscosity to be achieved.


The amount of Dynazan polymer required will depend upon the effective viscosity or friction pressure reduction needed. When used as the primary viscosifier in a low colloid system, 1-2 lb/bbl may be required. Higher concentrations up to 4 lb/bbl may be used for extremely high transport requirements.


Chemical Name - xanthan gum CAS # : 11138-66-2 DOT Classification - Non-hazardous Packaging: 25 kg plastic lined paper bags




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