The xanthan provides unique acvantage in toothpaste to improve gel condition and pumpability. With consistent viscosity, easy hydration, and excellent enzyme stability, the xanthan helps to make toothpaste uniform, easily dispersable and stable on the brush. The property of high pseudoplasticity imparts easy pumpability from the container and excellent mouthfeel.

The xanthan allow rapid spreading and absorption to leave the skin feeling smooth in creams and lotions. In shampoos and hare conditioners, xanthan suspend and stabilize formulations and enhances lathering. In face masks and packs, xanthan give body and cohesion to dry-mix and peelable preparations with high at-rest viscosity.

Stabilzing effects of xanthan gum are utilized in various suspensions and emulsions, e.g. vitamin emulsions, to provent separation due go temperature fluctuations. Due to the good cold water solubility of xanthan gum such solutions can easily be prepared. Xanthan is used in tablets. Becaues it prolongs the contact time of active ingredients, as a result of its thickening properties.




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